Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Altered States of Agoraphobia feature by Ken Duffy. No Escaping.

Everyday fears are part of life. Modern life provides new variations of fear of death and suffering on scales previously unimaginable.

Is it safe to go outside?

Danger is always lurking
Frances Woodell

Giant lettering at a shopping mall is an unsettling way to deliver a warning... an impending attack, or an impending liquidation sale?

White House, KS
Simon Kossoff

Are we the prisoners of our own fears, trading our privacy for illusive security? Is it safe to go outside?

Cause for Caution
Alexis Gerard

Biting humor in a fish restaurant reaches out and grabs male insecurities where it hurts.

Chicago, IL
Simon Kossoff

Thrills await the adventurous willing to experience risks, whether real or vicarious. The floor we stand on may or may not be enough to protect us from what lies below.

Vance Lassard

The open road has many charms, but outside the bubbles of our vehicles the elemental forces may be gathering for another assault on our safety. "Be prepared!"

Elizabeth Hoeckel

Ectoplasm captured in Ektachrome? Someone hiding their identity, with malevolent intentions? Playing with our fears is better than playing to them.

Alison Scarpulla

Contemplation and surprise... a sneak attack.

Jack Bailey

Shrill alarms that Christmas is under attack. Deflated illusions of the big man in the red suit. Deliver the goods yourself.

Natalie Faye

Both photographed and drawn, both real and imagined. Everyone knows now.

Protest (Neda Agha-Soltan), NYC
Howard Goldberg

Peace and justice can be wished for, or fought for. Politics can be deadly, as the power interests protect their own.

the last broadcast
B.S. Wise

The ultimate impersonal horror. Politics, fear, distrust - others. You're not really safe inside, but you don't need to worry about radiation from your TV

"Advertising may be described as the science of arresting the human intelligence long enough to get money from it."  ~Stephen Butler Leacock, quoted in Michael Jackman, Crown's Book of Political Quotations, 1982

Politics and weapons make for uncomfortable bedfellows with sometimes tragic results. Red light ahead.

Gun Show, KS
Simon Kossoff

Insecurity forces are on the rise as America arms up.

Kramer O'Neil

Maybe it's just for fun. Maybe it will make us more secure... or maybe not.

Monroe, MI  2010
Don Hudson

Militant forces are launching an assault on the infrastructure. The underground is holding onto the Subway for now.

the valley of the shadow of computerwhiz
Nancy Soshinsky

Train your snake to help protect the peace.


We may one day suffer a violent beating, a gory make-up job, or a lousy movie. Some outcomes are more likely than others.

Shawn C Smith

A temporary reprieve. But it looks like a good idea

Feature edited and written by Ken Duffy