Monday, January 24, 2011

United States of God. An ASA feature by Marko Mihailovich

A look at the Obsessed, Absorbed, Occupied, Crazed, Insane, Deranged, Religious, Wacked, Possessed, Concerned, Excessive, Outrageous, inordinate, Distracted, Hyper, Frenetic, Devout, Draining, Exhaustive, Extravagant, Exorbitant, Extremist, Raving, Demonic, Addicted, Overindulgent, Engrossed, Enamored, Loony, Raged, Enchanted, Psychopathic, Impassioned, Loopy, Manic, Disturbed, Mad, Mental, Psychotic, Hectic, Demented, Overkeen, Fanatical, Frenzied, Immersed, Godly, Fervent, Zealous, Involved, Consumed, Absorbed, Absentminded, Radical, Bewitched, Preoccupied, Fervid, Haunted, Demented, Hard-core, Hysterical, Diehard, Wild, Militant, Fixated America we all live in today..

Aaron Noah Graham

Missy Prince

Emiliano Granado

Hospital Parking Lot, San Mateo Ca
Alexis Gerard

Chuck Patch

Todd Fisher

Alison Scarpulla

Bathroom, Tinhat, Seattle
William Rugen

Sarah Kate

Don Hudson

Kevin Collier

Gun Show, KS
Simon Kossoff

Jim Cook
Jim Cook

Net $ 49
Julio Lopez Saguar

Ronald McDonald 07
Joshua Yospyn

Simon Kossoff

horror show
Bobby Milk

This excellent feature was edited and compiled by Marko Mihailovich